Steering a vision from yesterday into a flourishing tomorrow.

Throughout our 100+ year history, we have maintained a singular focus on improving Wilmington, Delaware and the Brandywine Valley for residents. Continuing the mission of our founder, William Poole Bancroft, we dedicate resources to affordable housing, thoughtful community development, and open space preservation.

Our mission, steeped in our history, is to dedicate land in our trust to build additional housing, educational facilities, and other community resources—just as Bancroft intended. We maintain some of the land for the community’s recreational use as well, to stay true to our three-prong mission.

Today, we offer local residents affordable housing so they have a comfortable place to live and can thrive in the community. We thoughtfully develop the land trusted to our care to add resources that provide jobs and enjoyment. And we oversee acres of land, including popular parks, that give residents access to free recreational activities with trails, picnic areas, and more.

We invite you in to get to know us.


Open Space Management

Thoughtful Development