Woodlawn Trustees

"It has been a hobby or a concern with me, for more than twenty-six years, to endeavor to get park land for the advantage of the people of Wilmington and its vicinity."
- William Poole Bancroft (1909)

"Everything that we have has been given to us to use unselfishly as stewards."
- William Poole Bancroft (1916)

"I had a pleasant and interesting walk. I went to Granogue by train, walked across the bridge and came down the creek, going back over the hills. I was as much impressed as ever with the beauties of the country there."
- William Poole Bancroft (1910)

"For many years I have been saying I wished someone would gather up the rough land along the Brandywine above Rockland and hold it for the future Wilmington and I concluded that perhaps I ought to do something toward what I had been wishing others would do."
- William Poole Bancroft (1909)

"Things that I have much at heart in connection with the parks will not be completed during my life. I hope that Woodlawn Trustees will be wisely free in helping the public in regard to some of these things."
- William Poole Bancroft (1919)

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