The Flats Redevelopment

Woodlawn Trustees, in collaboration with the Todmorden Foundation, is proud to announce a $100 million plan to redevelop the Flats neighborhood on the West side of Wilmington. This community of over 450 residential units will be redeveloped in 7 phases over 10+ years. We are working with designers and architects to maintain the historic feel and character of this community which was originally envisioned by our founder, William P. Bancroft, over a century ago to house mill workers, artisans, and other people of modest means. We plan to capture the neighborhood’s charm by incorporating quality, human-scaled architecture and signature design features that make the flats an important part of the urban fabric of Wilmington. Woodlawn Trustees, Inc. has partnered with the Todmorden Foundation and HDC MidAtlantic on this extensive project, and is excited to share these renderings with the general public.

To obtain more information, an application or have your name put on the “Interest List